Meet the crew: Quincy, a pretty cool guy. Plus the latest build of “Monster Bust”

FireWolf: What made you want to get into the gaming industry?

Quincy: I appear to still be holding onto my childhood dreams, despite life’s trials. I used to define myself by video games and I want to make my ideas into reality. I hope to break the chain of mundanity and work in a creative position, while still making a living. I have a flexible mind and pride myself on translating people’s ideas onto the canvas.

FireWolf: What is your position in Team Salmon?

Quincy: I originally joined to be an artist, and that’s what I mainly do here. But sometimes I show that I can do other things, like write music, and I have the opportunity to crossover. Maybe I can improve my skills from the more experienced.

FireWolf: What is your favorite game genre? Is there a specific game from that genre you like the most?

Quincy: Since life happened and I feel I need to play catch up, I don’t make time for video games like I used to. I think I used to play lots of platformers, like Megaman Unlimited. If anything, I’m more of a “flavor of the month” person, playing interesting games I hear about just once, and then never again. The last game that I really liked, that wasn’t Undertale, was an obscure 3DS eShop game “Weapon Shop de Omasse”, a game where you forge weapons for the RPG heroes. Protip: Tap the edge of the metal and get as many hits on the weapon as possible. And you really should reheat it. Don’t finish it up quickly like the game says!

FireWolf: What is your hobby?

Quincy: Internet videos and articles are pretty much assumed, I watch video game related stuff still. I sometimes like making food from video game lore (Feast of Fiction Youtube and the late Gourmet Gaming tumblr). I like traveling and exploring my surroundings for interesting things, especially since Pokemon GO happened. What I really need to do is figure out what I have left, if I were to remove video games from my life.”

FireWolf: What do you do outside the team? Do you have work/attend school?

Quincy: I graduated from college in 2014. Now I work part time at <Frozen Custard Stand> and try to improve myself while attending to my family, who I still live with. I’m hoping to get a new job soon so I can move out.

Once again, props to Firewolf for getting this interview done.
In other news, we now have the latest build of the game up for grabs. Enjoy juggling enemies with updated visuals and sound effects


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