Quick Update and new prototype

Hello again, welcome back to our humble blog.
We have implemented the enemy mannequins into the latest build of Monster Bust.

Here is the mannequin sheet:EnemyMannequins-01-Render

….and here is the new build:


I do apologize for the lightness of this update, we have a much bigger update planned for release within the next two weeks. Till next folks, take care.


More Art, More sprites, and an updated Demo

“Like a crab, we’ll side step our way there eventually!” ~Templar~

Hi there! Sorry it took so long to write this update, but we have been hard at work here in our little pond on “Monster Girl Bust”, and I must say that it is coming along quite nicely.

First up, We have our boy, Bobby. He might be a little fella, but he’ll still run you down like a train. Okay more like a Volkswagen.

football player concept

Next up is the lackey of the first level boss, a fungus infected worm that can stun you momentarily with the spores he shoots out of the back of his arms. Watch out, he bites.

slug concept








Last, but certainly not least, is our first boss. She’s a special mushroom in the sense that she spawns the worms when she feels threatened. Her spores and teary sonic screeches stun the player. She can also bring down the house when she flails about.

mushroom boss concept

Right, onto the next bit, background art.

Here we have an abandoned subway. Not exactly original I know, but it’s still fun to play around with. Still under construction, but it’s coming along nicely thanks to the hard work of our artists Teagan and Quincy.
Here we have Teagan laying on the pretty colorsScreen_Shot_2017-06-03_at_11.01.24_PM

And here we have Quincy drawing up the ever so important blue prints

mushroom subway bg pre1

And here is the beginnings of a sweet collaboration.

mushroom subway colored


Hmm, looks like some young punk decided to tag the abandoned subway. I wonder if this insignia plays a role in the game.


And now for the meat and potatoes of the post. As I said earlier, we here at Team Salmon have been hard at work on getting this demo ready for a late summer launch. Currently our lovely programmer Amarin of all trades is tinkering with the enemy A.I. We wouldn’t want this to be too easy now, would we?

Check out our latest build and let us know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see ya soon.

Meet the crew: The tale of a silly squirrel


FireWolf: What made you want to get into the gaming industry?

Fuzzy: I have always been fascinated with video games and how it is able to create an experience with its virtual worlds. Games have the ability to do a lot of things with its medium, it can challenge you, it can tell you a story, and it can give you the freedom to be creative. How I got my desire to get into the industry is my natural creative streak and how I want to direct it into something big and meaningful. I’ve been developing ideas in my head on what makes games that I love work and how they can be made better or more compelling to me.

FireWolf: What is your position in Team Salmon?

Fuzzy: I came into Team Salmon as a sprite artist, but I am more than capable of delivering music for the project when needed.

FireWolf: What is your favorite game genre? Is there a specific game from that genre you like the most?

Fuzzy: There are a lot of game genres that interest me a lot. I used to be very deep into fighting and racing games as a kid, with games like Street Fighter Alpha 2, Fighter’s Megamix, Daytona USA and Wipeout 2097 capturing my imagination at an early age, but later on, I begun to seriously get a taste for RPGs, Action RPGs to be specific, as well as FPSes. Games like Terranigma, Secret of Mana quickly became an obsession of mine on the JRPG front, while I got my start on FPSes with tactical shooters like the early Rainbow Six games, but I quickly moved onto more action-oriented shooters like Counter-Strike first, and then Serious Sam along with Quake, the rest, as you say, is history. As for favourite genres, RPGs and FPSes with games like Doom, Serious Sam, Tales of Eternia and Grandia taking up the top of my personal list per genre.

FireWolf: What is your hobby?

Fuzzy: My hobbies include playing video games, creating music and artwork. I also occasionally write about gaming mods when givien the time and inclination.

FireWolf: What do you do outside the team? Do you have work/attend school?

Fuzzy: Outside of the team, I work as a freelance illustrator trying to scratch up funds to live on. I am always trying to learn new things and I pick up new skills from time to time. It’s simply a matter of whether or not I have the time or inclination to develop them.

FireWolf: Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Fuzzy: I am open for commissions at the moment, send me a DM at @LadyFuzztail on Twitter if you’re interested, or if you just want to chit-chat. My DMs are open, so you don’t have to be following me to message me.

FireWolf: What kind of commissions do you do if I may ask?

Fuzzy: Almost anything, but I am focused on anthropomorphic characters.

Updates, Art and other neat stuff

Greetings, oh seekers of quality gaming. Tis I, Bill, the humble producer of Team Salmon’s upcoming title “Monster Bust.” I come to thee with updates on our progress.

Our team is currently hard at work putting together the second build of the demo, which should be ready soon. However, that doesn’t mean we have nothing to show. Here is a small taste of the juggling mechanics that will be present and accounted for in the final demo.

We are also working on grappling grappling mechanics that will be implemented in a later build prior to the release of the final demowhoppingreliabledunlin

Next up, we have a bunch of mannequins to show off. Mannequins are used as templates for the spriters to reference when creating the sprites. Here is the latest mannequin sheet for Sami’s attacks


Last up for today, random power ups presented with absolutely no context. Enjoy!


That’s it for today folks, please be sure check back in with us for more updates. We should have some music and another build of the game up here soon.

Lets try this again

Hello, my name is Bill and I am the producer of our upcoming title “MonsterĀ Bust”. We’ve been quiet here at Team Salmon for a while due to various circumstances (more on that later), and for that we do apologize. However, we wouldn’t be coming back with a new siteĀ if we were just gonna stand here and make excuses, so lets get right to it.

The Game: “Monster Bust.” (working Title)
Genera: Arcade style Beat’em up. (Think “Streets of Rage 2”)

Summary: You take on the role of one out of four monster girls and fight your way through twelve action packed levels. Taking on waves of crazed college students, street gangs, mutated wild life, cops, protesters, and more. Travel across the globe and beyond in order to stop the Seven Sister’s plans for world domination in this retro style, high energy, arcade beat’em up featuring branching paths, secret boss fights, multiple endings, bitching music, and moments of juvenile shenanigans.

Now that the intro is out of the way, lets go over what we got so far.

Concept art:

She’ll kick your ass, and you’ll like it.

First up is an early design of our Lamia. This spicy little sheila from down under is on a trip to an American University to pick up her sister before settling business with a rival gang in the area. Her and sister suddenly find themselves turned into monsters and are forced to fight off a crazed student body. Her primary attacks revolve around the use of her tail, spitting venom and biting.

Meet our male poser, Jack.

Meet Jack. He is a student who has completely lost his mind along with many others in this outbreak of madness. He attacks by a combination of left and right hooks. If he grabs you, he will hit you three times, sending you flying on the third punch. Don’t worry, he’s always bragging about how daddy owns a dealership or how daddy paid off the judge, he can afford a hospital trip….or 20.

The ever obnoxious Scene girl, Jill.

This is Jill. Jill likes cheap hair dye, being edgy, shopping at hot topic and “le memes”. Cancer, personified. Like everyone else, Jill has also lost her mind and your going to have to slap her a around. She attacks by throwing blinding glitter in your eyes before jumping on top of you and scratching you three times. She mainly attacks using a combination of low and mid kicks.

Early talking sprite of Sami.

And last but not least, we have our little wolf girl Sami. Don’t let this almost dangerously cheesy hipster look fool ya, this girl loves her some anime (Magical girls in particular). With training in martial arts and natural claws, her fighting style is focused on spear-handed jabs and wide arcing swipes. While her attacks leave her open to counters, the speed and ferocity of her style more than makes up for it.


This is a college hallway. This is where you will be pounding on students. Not much to say here.

And now we come to the end of this little blog post.We may not have any music to share yet, but we do have a prototype up for grabs. Right now the enemies do not have any programmed A.I, the backgrounds are not colored in, there is no sound and the enemies are color swaps of Sami.

https://mega.nz/#!PZ5hSYaY (Key is !nSTdsnOjKVL7J_68Yf8NEp4WkiYRP7ZexrI-1_34pvI)
Use the arrow keys to move, “Z” to jump and “X” to attack. We will have a more advance prototype soon.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, we hope to see you again soon.